Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

These days I've been updating myself to Web 2.0...I already knew all the buzz, but now I have decided to get my hands into it! 'You're a bit late...', you say. Well, I have a strong conservative side. Not connected to ideas or mentalities, but to procedures. And my browser bookmarks folder seemed just fine, so as visiting all those fancy sites/blogs to see if anything new was popping up.

But, from time to time, and without previous notice, I like to change. My first step was to subscribe all those fancy services out there, and now I am a happy, full-time Google Reader, Blogger, Delicious and Technorati user. I was already on LinkedIn. Facebook might not really be 'my thing', but I might give Twitter a shot.

This blog is another logical step, since I have always been a passionate teacher and community collaborator (offline). I will use it to share my thoughts, ideas and any experiences I find relevant, while using some of the most interesting technologies out there...

In the last year, I've been working with Microsoft products: MCMS (Content Management Server), SPS 2003 (SharePoint Server), but most of the time MOSS 2007 (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server). And I must say that I have become a MOSS enthusiast :)

Currently, I've been learning and working with Oracle WebCenter Interaction and UCM (Universal Content Management), which also seem like great products to use.

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