Thursday, August 18, 2011

SharePoint as a platform, not only a solution

Great article, from someone I had the pleasure of seeing in a live presentation (here in Lisbon): Dan Holmes on Lessons Learned from Enterprise SharePoint Adoption Trends.

To sum things up, I totally agree with him: nowadays, SharePoint should be used as a platform to centralize the communication and workspace between collaborators. No matter how many systems you may rely on for your daily activities, they should be easily accessible in one place. A place where you can add value, by helping everyone do a better and more informed job. Where one can easily find help on any subject, either from documents, processes or people.

In my company, we have been helping others in doing it - and with great success. My latest SharePoint 2010 project was actually used as the first Microsoft Portugal Case Study on Intranets built using SPS2010. It was in a lawyer firm and, besides a great environment to work in, everything went smooth and with everyone heading the same (and right) way! Isn't it great when clients take the full potential of what you can offer?

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