Monday, August 15, 2011

Some reading notes...on the Management Part of Projects

How much time should you spend on requirement gathering? 30%.
(read article here)

Interesting comment about a book written in 1975, stating (event then!) that the average should be:

1/3 - Planning
1/6 - Coding
1/4 - Component Test and Early System Test
1/4 - System Test

Also, from the same author (Chris Wright -, interesting thoughts about taking ownership of a project (read article here).
I also believe this is a very important question everyone should continuously address in their own projects, no matter the specific role you may have. In the Portuguese companies/projects I have worked in, there is a slight difference. The "consultant" job is usually done by someone that will also lead the technical team. With that in mind, I believe this is the guy that should "own" the project, having the PM as a backup for the though decisions.

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