Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SharePoint 2010 Managed Metadata Columns problems


Managed Metadata Columns are a good addition to SharePoint, but the integration with the rest of the products and features is still very scarce. Multiple things may go wrong.

The project I'm working on had a column which would be better off with Managed Metadata, and not a Choice field. I've been searching and searching, drilling and drilling, and can't make it work correctly. I navigate through the term set but the value never gets saved. Can't really tell why.

But I did find many caveats while searching for information: it will not work with Workspace, InfoPath, Datasheet View, "Begins with" and "Contains" filters in Views and Calculated Fields. Also, they'll be hard to use in SharePoint Designer Workflows. And if your root site uses the Blank template, the hidden feature supporting this functionality will not be activated by default.

All the info here and here.

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