Monday, September 12, 2011

SharePoint 2010 Tip #4: "Columns that require data are not included" in Datasheet View

If you have this error and are absolutely sure you are filling every required field, then this may well be the reason. If you activate the option to manage content types in a list and then change the type of one of the columns in the Content Type from Required to Optional/Hidden, it will erroneously leave the list field as required.
You must go to the field definition in the list and set it correctly.


  1. Alex, could you please explain what you mean by going to the field definition in the list? are you suggesting doing something in the browser, powershell or some other technique?

  2. Hi Dean, I'm suggesting in the browser, going to the List Settings, click the Column and verify if it is set as Required or not. You may also verify the List Instance of the Content Type, to see how the setting on the field is there. Cheers!