Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Visual Studio Tip #1: 'View Designer' option disappeared

This happened to me while building a SharePoint workflow.

I created an initiation form with the same name as the workflow, which generates a compilation error: the workflow class will be the same as the code behind in the initiation form. Changing it solves the compilation issue, but you competely lose the ability to view your workflow in Designer mode.

This happens because changes are performed on the .csproj when you add the initiation form, stating the class SubType is ASPXCodeBehing. When you rename the initiation form, new entries are created, but the old one remains as ASPXCodeBehind, instead of returning to the initial value, when you created the workflow.

Re-opening Visual Studio may or may not solve it.

You can go to the .csproj and make sure your class SubType is set to Component, and not Code or ASPXCodeBehind.

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