Thursday, April 24, 2014

March'14 in Shares

A new initiative in the blog: Month in Shares.

I usually read a lot about SharePoint and technology in my own time and I believe good content deserves to be shared. Every month I'll take a look at the retweets I've made and do some sort of curation work with the highlights.

Here's March'14.

The big event was definitely the SPC! It was nice seeing Microsoft get Bill Clinton for the opening, showing how big of a bet SharePoint is for Microsoft.

The branding discussion is very lively as well, I think it is common ground that the "SharePoint" name itself is getting diluted into a number of other brands...Office 365, OneDrive for Business, Yammer...all of them are the new "SharePoint". In my opinion, not a bad thing at all!

Without further due, here's this month's list of selected shares:
  1. SPC14, SPC14, SPC14...
  2. When should we use SharePoint OOTB, leverage 3rd party apps, or build custom solutions?
    • Richard Harbridge goodness! This is the discussion we should always have in mind when implementing new project, take a look here.
    • Check his blog, awesome content, one of my favorite blogs out there.
  3. SharePoint 2013 Search Query Tool
  4. MVPs for Open Source Contributions
    • Scott Hanselman shares his thoughts and background on the recent inclusion of Open Source contributions as a self-sufficient activity to get someone awarded an MVP, here. Personally, I find this more than fair.
    • You can check Scott's blog as well, he's one of the most respected professionals in the Microsoft arena.
  5. Lock site collections in SharePoint Server 2007 and 2010
    • Always good to remember, JOPX shares how to lock site collections (read only), a more granular alternative to locking Web Applications using User Policies.
    • Check his blog too, always some nice, up to date, SharePoint content.
Lots of great content out there and great to be in a community with such amazing contributors worldwide!

Hope you've enjoyed the links.

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