Monday, November 9, 2015

Day 1 - Pre-Conference Tutorials (#ESPC15)

The day has arrived, here's the European SharePoint Conference kicking off!

To start things easy, in this Pre-Conference kick off day, we were presented with full-day tutorials. There were quite a few interesting options, on a total of 8 available.

My original plan for the day was to attend Tutorial B - Introduction to Azure AD Apps and Office 365 APIs, by Daniel Wessels. This was the most advanced DEV tutorial available (Level 400) and the topic seemed very interesting.

Unfortunately, Daniel was not feeling well, so the session had to be cancelled. Such a pity.

The second option I originally had in mind was Tutorial G - Advanced Microsoft Business Intelligence Approaches, by John White. I have done tutorials, demos and samples with BI solutions in the past, but am yet to participate in a fully fledged, demanding implementation of such, so thought it would be good to get a refresh and also look at what's new out there.

Because of the late cancellation (we only found out around 9.05am), I decided instead to go with my third option, as it was in the room besides where the Tutorial B was planned to happen: Tutorial F - Professional Workflow Solutions with Microsoft SharePoint Online, by Paolo Pialorsi. I did not regret it. I will do a follow up post with some of the key points I took from the session.

Paolo was very entertaining and I was looking forward to see one of his presentations. In fact, the only reason I wasn't attending his tutorial session to start with, was because I've had quite a lot of recent exposure to the Workflow Manager, so I thought the benefit would be less.

The same in relation to the branding session (Tutorial E) and, to some extent, the one about mobile development (Tutorial A). I look forward to seeing the recordings, as there are always very interesting tips and experiences shared by the presenters, even on topics you already feel comfortable with.

The venue is quite nice and I'm looking forward to Day 2!

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