My name is Alex Ferreira and I've been working with SharePoint for over 7 years now. I've quickly become an enthusiastic supporter and community member. I'm currently also focusing on ALM, from a process perspective and applied to SharePoint.

I work in Storm Technologies, where I am the Head of the SharePoint Development team. I'm very interested in the dynamics and challenges of leading a technical team, both off and on projects. My experience is in the architecture and development of solutions, mainly web content management, collaboration, document management and search systems.

Public Presentations

  • "SharePoint: Application Lifecycle Management"
    • When: June 2014
    • Where: SharePoint Evolution Conference Roadshow (www.sharepointevolutionconference.com/) 2014 @ Dublin
    • With: Derek Finnerty (IW Practice Director, Storm) & Gerry Moloney (Head of Solution Architecture, NTMA)
    • Description: The motto of this presentation was "When the business says make it work". We looked at a real example of an organization, NTMA, that implemented SharePoint within a highly regulated environment, their business challenges and how having a proper ALM Process and Tools (TFS) helped.
    • Slides: download here.

  • "FAST Search for SharePoint 2010"
    • When: April 2012
    • Where: SharePoint User Group Ireland (www.irishspug.org/) meeting @ Microsoft Headquarters Dublin 
    • Description: An introduction about Information Overload and Search Solutions provided by Microsoft, followed by a deep dive into the FAST platform.
    • Slides: download here.

Private Presentations
Presentations I have delivered to customers and internal development/consulting teams:
  • "SharePoint 2013: CMS/WCM Overview"
  • "TFS is not just the new SourceSafe"
    • With: John MacHale (Enterprise Solutions ALM Consultant & Head of Delivery, Storm)
  • "Continuous Quality Delivery with SharePoint"
  • "The tough life of a Configuration Manager"
    • With: Eduardo Ortega (IW Senior Developer, Storm)
  • "SharePoint 2013: Enterprise Search"
  • "Versioning strategies in SharePoint projects"

Public Websites
Websites I have helped building on SharePoint:

  • Storm Technology - www.storm.ie
    • SharePoint 2013
    • Technical lead and development coordinator
    • In Ireland, using SharePoint as a WCM/CMS platform is still ramping up. I was the main advocate for using SharePoint 2013 as our public website platform and it was a success.

  • Galp Energia - www.galpenergia.com
    • MOSS 2007
    • Technical lead and development coordinator
    • Galp is the biggest Portuguese energy company. Their challenge was providing an unified view of the company and a single point of entry to their multiple business areas.

Talk to me

If you're interested in having me as a speaker in your event, please e-mail me (alex.aem at gmail). For consulting engagements, please contact me through Storm Technology (aferreira at storm ie).

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